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The Walker Area Foundation

January 30, 2006

Board of Directors
Audrey’s Purple Dream

Ladies and Gentlemen,
The Walker Area Foundation is pleased and gratified that you have chosen us as the custodian of the Audrey’s Purple Dream (APD) Designated Fund.

The Walker Area Foundation is a Public Charity under Section 501 (C)(3) of the IRS Code. Our mission is

· To establish, grow and preserve an endowment to improve the quality of community life in partnership with other community stakeholders;

· To be a catalyst for addressing changing needs in our diverse community through strategic grant making in the arts, community development, education, environment, health, social services and related areas; and

· To broaden the base of community charitable giving by serving as a leader and resource center for donors who wish to return something to their community.

By choosing the Walker Foundation to host the Audrey’s Purple Dream Designated Fund you can assure contributors that their contributions may be deductible for Federal income tax purposes.

Contributions to a designated fund are earmarked for the purposes for which the fund is created. In the case of the APD Designated Fund, only you as a Board may recommend how and for what purposes contributions may be disbursed. To comply with IRS rules, however, final disbursement approvals must remain with the Foundation Board acting per your recommendations.

Again, please accept our thanks that you have chosen the Walker Area Foundation as a vehicle through which you will accomplish your charitable goals.



James E. Lohr


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